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Leverage your SAS Analytics in Composable

Composable DataOps Platform provides effective ways to integrate data, methods and processes across different technology stacks and software systems. Integration with multiple technologies and tools is specifically important for data scientists and data engineers as it provides data accessibility, tool flexibility, workflow efficiency, collaboration capabilities, specialized functionality, access to ecosystems, and scalability. By integrating diverse tools through Composable, data professionals can leverage the strengths of each tool, create efficient workflows, collaborate effectively, and tackle complex data challenges with a broader set of capabilities and resources.

With the integration of SAS code snippets and stored processes into Composable DataOps Platform, users now have the ability to directly execute SAS analytics within the platform. The SAS analytics platform is used by a wide range of professionals and organizations across various industries. SAS code snippets are short segments of SAS code that can be utilized within an existing program or serve as a foundation for developing a new program. These snippets offer a convenient way to swiftly incorporate specific SAS code into your program and modify it as per your requirements.

Executing SAS snippets through Composable brings together the power of SAS analytics with the flexibility and data mashup capabilities of the Composable DataOps Platform, enabling users to combine information from various sources such as web services and external databases with their SAS analytics.

To begin utilizing this functionality, the first step is to create a workspace using the SAS Workspace module. This workspace serves as the environment in which your SAS code will be executed. Once the workspace is set up, you can proceed to leverage the SAS integration modules available in the Composable DataFlow Designer.

These SAS integration modules provide a range of features and functionalities to interact with SAS code and processes. They allow you to seamlessly incorporate SAS code snippets and stored processes into your analytical workflows. You can easily configure the integration modules to connect to your SAS environment, providing access to your SAS analytics resources.

By executing SAS code directly from Composable , you can harness the full capabilities of SAS analytics within your data integration and analysis pipelines. This means you can perform complex statistical analysis, create sophisticated models, generate reports, and leverage advanced analytics techniques offered by SAS.

Furthermore, the ability to combine SAS analytics with data from other sources is a significant advantage. With Composable’s data mashup capabilities, you can integrate data from diverse origins, including web services and external databases, with your SAS analytics. This integration allows you to enrich your SAS analyses with additional contextual information, enhancing the accuracy and insights derived from your analytics workflows.

Composable offers the following Modules to integrate with SAS directly in a DataFlow:

  • SAS Query: Module that allows you to execute a query on SAS tables and return back a resulting table. This table can then be joined with any other data.
  • SAS Program: Module that allows you to execute a stored process by name within SAS.
  • SAS Code Snippet: Module that allows you to easily run arbitrary SAS code.
  • SAS Fetch File: Module that allows you to grab a resulting file (e.g., a html report) from within SAS.

Other SAS integration Modules are also available, as shown below.

The combination of SAS code execution and data mashup within Composable Analytics opens up new possibilities for data scientists, analysts, and business users. They can seamlessly incorporate SAS analytics into their data pipelines, leveraging the extensive capabilities of SAS and the versatility of Composable to gain deeper insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive business outcomes.

In summary, the integration of SAS code snippets and stored processes into Composable empowers users to execute SAS analytics directly within the platform. By combining SAS analytics with data from various sources, users can unlock the full potential of their data, drive advanced analysis, and derive valuable insights to inform their decision-making processes.