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Integrating 8×8 Call Logs with SugarCRM

Andy Vidan

Wouldn’t it be nice for your sales team to know which agents called the lead, when the agents called, what phone number was used, and when the lead called back … without having to take any notes?

Well, with Composable Analytics, integrating a VOIP system and a CRM is easy!  All it takes is deploying 2 simple integration data apps, and your sales team will think you’re a rock star!  Viewing call logs within a CRM couldn’t be easier.

First, we’ll create an application to save call logs into a database so the logs can be later queried based on phone number.  By using the 8×8 module that comes with CA, saving the logs is easy.  And by saving the logs in a separate db, we can develop additional analytic apps on the data (future post on this!).


This app periodically goes fetches data from 8×8, and inserts records.  The insert ignores duplicate records, thus only inserting new records.

The second application queries the saved  call logs based on the phone numbers in the lead, and presents the information in an HTML format.  This application is actually a web service, and the application’s endpoint is  added to SugarCRM as an iFrame in the leads detailed page.

In this example, our leads have 3 potential phone numbers that get appended to the web service url, and the application constructs the proper SQL query based on that data.  Because the phone numbers might contain dashes, parenthesis, or spaces, we created a smaller app just for stripping those characters out.


Now we just have to reference this application within SugarCRM.  We’ll add a new custom field to our lead of type iFrame, and create a dynamic url to our web service application, with 3 parameters – phone1, phone2, and phone3.  Then all we have to do is modify the layout of the lead page to include this is new field.



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