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Zoom with Composable!

Lars Fiedler

We’re proud to announce Composable’s data flow designer now supports full zooming and panning! We think this feature will make working larger more complicated CA apps much easier.

Over the last year, the ability to pan and zoom in the designer has probably been our most requested feature. At long last, it’s fully implemented via taking advantage of modern browsers’ CSS matrix transforms, meaning the graphics card will do the heavy lifting.  Check it out:

Here’s the run down of how it all works:

There are 2 different modes, pan & select.  You can switch between these modes via the pan/select slider, or ctrl-i.  We expect that most users will stay primarily in select mode, as all the functionality in pan mode is available in select mode provided the user has a mouse wheel.  Pan-mode exists so users can easily pan with a touchpad.

ctrl + mouse-wheel – zoom in and out (to where ever the mouse it)
mouse-wheel – move the page down/up incrementally
shift + mouse-wheel – move the left/right incrementally
middle-click+drag – panning
left-click + drag – (Select Mode) selection rubber band, (Pan Mode) pan
arrow-keys – pan in small increments
space-bar – page down
shift+space-bar – page up

reset-button   –  Reset zoom to 0, align to top-left corner
ztf-button   –  Zoom to fit

zoom-bar    –  Set zoom level via dragging slider, or using +/- buttons.  The position of the zoom-bar

select-pan-slider    –   Switch mode (ctrl-i)

We’re interested in any feedback from developers/users!  Go forth and profit.

Lars Fiedler
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