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Get to Know New Modules Even Faster

In Composable’s DataFlow Designer, we’re always looking for ways to make learning how to build powerful DataFlow Applications quicker and easier. We already offer some great resources, including sample DataFlows that show exactly how Modules can be used and tutorials here on the blog and on our docs site, but we’re excited to announce our newest onboarding feature: Module READMEs!

If you find a useful-looking Module but aren’t quite sure how to use it, just drag it onto the Designer canvas and look for the help button in the upper right, shown below:

Module ReadMe

Clicking that will bring up a detailed description of the Module. You’ll find details about what types of inputs to provide, what the output will look like, and what any options might mean.

We’re hard at work writing this info for our entire fleet of Modules, but if the information is missing for a Module you want to use, don’t hesitate to contact us! And as always, you can rely on the provided sample apps, mousing over module inputs and outputs to reveal details, and our brief module descriptions in the palette to help you along in the absence of a README.