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Infinite Extensibility

Composable DataOps Platform is an end-to-end data discovery, orchestration, analysis, and visualization platform. It offers integration with all sorts of data sources that you can mash together, has a vast array of visualization and reporting capabilities, and includes powerful dashboard tools to name a just few features.

Though there’s a diverse arsenal of tools to choose from built-in, the Composable team couldn’t possibly think of all possible use-cases for every business’s highly personalized workflow.

With that in mind, perhaps the most important aspect of Composable is the fact that it is infinitely extensible. The platform does 99% of your most common data workflow tasks for you out of the box, but for those 1% of cases that aren’t covered, it’s extremely simple to implement your own custom solution quickly.

This truly makes Composable a one-stop-shop for your entire data engineering process. Anything that you can do in any other piece of technology you can create an extension for in Composable.

For instance, I spent an hour this morning working on a new sort of data visualizer that is now in the product that never existed before. It is a new module that takes in an .stl file (as used in 3D printing, CAD, etc.) and renders it in your browser using WebGL.

The two key aspects to highlight are this is an extension on Composable that you could have written yourself and it only took me one hour start to finish. Anyone can easily and quickly develop custom extensions to the Composable platform, giving your business power and velocity.

Let’s see this fancy new plugin in action! Simply use the File Uploader module to upload an .stl file and pipe it into the Stl Renderer module (located under the “Visualizations” category in the palette):

Here I’ve decided to visualize two .stl files at once.

Click run. After it completes, click on the blue Module output dots and the visualizations will appear:

Exciting! We’ve got our dinosaur and elephant rendering in Composable output popup boxes within the Designer. We can expand the output visualization boxes to focus on the dinosaur:

Or on the elephant:

These models may be silly, but having an effective 3D modeling tool is crucial to many engineering firms’ business and development workflows. It will be helpful for those users to be able to visualize their models without having to export them to a separate tool.

This is just an example of one plugin out of hundreds that have been developed for Composable. The beauty of the platform is that there are hundreds, no, thousands more coming!

You can create a plugin to do your number crunching using a highly specific algorithm you’ve developed, do custom visualization and reporting, or integrate with a specialized, domain specific data storage technology.

You can create a plugin for anything.