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Exporting WebEx Contacts

Lars Fiedler

Have you ever wanted to export all your contacts out of Web-ex? I recently needed this feature, as our marketing team wanted to do some follow ups with potential users of Composable. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t exist in web-ex.

I would have had to manually copy and paste hundreds of emails …. So what did I do? Composable to the rescue!

Basically I wrote a scrapper that loops through the pages in Web-ex, extracts out the emails, and then puts them in a spreadsheet. Pretty easy, and only took me a few minutes to stitch together.

Here’s how it works:

All you have to do is enter the number of contact pages you have in your account, and enter in the web-ex cookie, which you can get from Chrome’s debug tools once you log into Web-ex.

To get the cookie from your web-ex session, open up Chrome’s debug tools by hitting F12. Find the HTTP Request to list?listType=imported&currentPage=1. Then copy the cookie request header and paste it into the dataflow (see green arrows).

Then click run, and download the csv file.

Now I have a list of emails of everyone I’ve ever had a meeting with … pretty cool.

Feel free to try this on our own Composable instance.  You can download the dataflow application here:

Export WebEx Contacts Dataflow

 And just click import in the designer on your instance.

I imagine we could take this a step farther and even automate the followup emails within Composable, but I’ll leave that exercise to the author.

Lars Fiedler
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