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Exporting WebEx Contacts

Have you ever wanted to export all your contacts out of Webex?

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to retrieve all your contact information from Webex, you’re not alone. Many users, including myself, have encountered situations where the need to export contacts arises. For instance, our marketing team at Composable required contact information for potential users to follow up and engage with them effectively. However, Webex, unfortunately, lacks a built-in feature that allows users to export their contacts.

Webex interface does not provide a straightforward way to export all contact information

So what did I do? I turned to Composable for a solution, and it did not disappoint. With Composable’s powerful capabilities, I was able to automate the process of extracting my contacts from Webex, saving me valuable time and effort.

I quickly wrote a web scraper that loops through the pages in Webex, extracts out the emails, and then puts them in a spreadsheet. Pretty easy, and only took me a few minutes to stitch together.

Here’s how it works:

Composae a DataFlow as shown below that builds a URL that pages through the WebEx results (Code Module), issues the web request (WebClient Module), web scrapes the content using regex (RegEx Capture), and accumulate the results in a table (Accumulator Module) that then gets written out to a CSV file (CSV Writer Module).

With this DataFlow, all you have to do is enter the number of contact pages you have in your account, and enter in the Webex cookie, which you can get from your browsers (e.g., using Chrome DevTools) once you log into Webex.

To get the cookie from your Webex session using Chrome, open up Chrome DevTools by hitting F12. Find the HTTP Request to list?listType=imported&currentPage=1. Then copy the cookie request header and paste it into the dataflow (see green arrows).

To execute the DataFlow, simply click ‘Run’ and download the csv file.

Now I have a list of emails of everyone I’ve ever had a meeting with … pretty cool.

The automation aspect of Composable was a game-changer. Instead of spending hours manually copying and pasting each contact from the Webex website, Composable efficiently gathered all the contact information in a fraction of the time. It not only saved me from tedious and error-prone manual work but also ensured the accuracy and completeness of the exported data.

With the exported contacts readily available, our marketing team at Composable was able to effectively follow up with potential users, thanks to the seamless integration of Webex data into our outreach campaigns. This not only enhanced our productivity but also improved our ability to engage with our users.

Composable’s ability to come to the rescue in such situations highlights its strength in automating data workflows and enabling efficient data integration. Whether it’s extracting contacts from Webex, integrating data from various sources, or performing complex data transformations, Composable empowers users to streamline their data-related tasks and focus on higher-value activities.

Feel free to try this on your own Composable instance.  You can download the dataflow application here: Export WebEx Contacts Dataflow. Just click ‘Import’ in the DataFlow Designer toolbar on your instance.

Next Steps

I imagine we could take this a step further and even automate the follow-up emails within Composable, leveraging its powerful capabilities to streamline our outreach efforts. With Composable’s integration options, we could easily connect to our email service provider, customize templates, and dynamically populate them with the exported contact data. Automated follow-up emails could be scheduled and personalized based on specific criteria, ensuring timely and targeted communication with our potential users.

While the possibilities for automation within Composable are vast, I’ll leave that exercise to the author. With Composable’s user-friendly interface and extensive library of modules, you can explore and unleash the full potential of automation to further optimize your marketing processes and drive even greater efficiency.

In the world of data-driven marketing and engagement, Composable offers a powerful toolkit that empowers users to automate tasks, integrate data sources, and unlock valuable insights. So why stop at exporting contacts from Webex? With Composable, the possibilities are limitless, and the journey towards enhanced automation and efficiency has just begun.