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Did You Know? : Changing Wire Type

Changing Wire Type

Some people like the default curvy connectors between the modules in a Composable DataFlow, but some would like a different look.

Did you know that those connectors are changeable?

As an example, let’s explore the Composable DataFlow created in the first lab from the NASDAQ API Project Lab Series.

Example DataFlow with default Wire Type (Bezier)

If we want to try a different Wire Type style than the default, that is handled on the right side of the DataFlow under Manage DataFlow. 

Scroll down past (or collapse) the sections for Details, Navigation, and Module Info to get to Options.  At the bottom of Options is a Display dropdown.  The top of the list is Change Wire Type.  The default Wire Type is Bezier.  Let’s change ours to Flow Chart.

Display menu choices to Change Wire Type of a DataFlow

Now our DataFlow looks something like this:

Example DataFlow with new Wire Type (Flow Chart)

Notice that the connections have a more rounded-corner look than the smooth, gradual curves that were displayed before. 

I have spent enough time looking at flow diagrams and database schemas that I am partial to this look, but of course there is no “right” answer. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Choose your own adventure!