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Composable APIs via Powershell

Composable has an API for every action that you can perform through its UI. All services are documented here: https://dev.composable.ai/api/CompAnalytics.IServices.html

Below is an example script for executing operations on the UserService.

The first part of the script loads the necessary dlls from the SDK. These dlls can be copied from your Composable installation directory.

Next, we create the connection settings. You need to specify the Uri of the Composable instance, the type of authentication method you want to use (Form, Windows, Hybrid, or API), and the actual credentials.

Next, we create the service channel. This is a little messy since earlier versions of Powershell don’t support generic methods nicely, so we have to use reflection.

Finally, we call the operations on the channel. In this case, we’re calling GetCurrentUser to get information about the current / calling user.