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Posts published in “Uncategorized”

Deploying Composable Resources via Powershell

Lars Fiedler

Composable has an SDK for deploying resources between two instances of Composable. For example, a source instance may be a development environment, and the target instance may be the production…

Composable APIs via Powershell

Lars Fiedler

Composable has an API for every action that you can perform through its UI. All services are documented here: https://dev.composable.ai/api/CompAnalytics.IServices.html Below is an example script for executing operations on the…

Enabling Long Paths in Composable

Lars Fiedler

Have you ever received the error System.IO.PathTooLongException: The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The full qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, the the…

Configuring DataBricks ODBC connection in Composable

Lars Fiedler

In this post we’ll be going over how to configure an ODBC connection to DataBricks within Composable so you can run spark queries from Composable resources (i.e. QueryViews and DataFlows)…

Validating an external API with Composable Web Requests

Andy Vidan

At my previous job, I was reliant on external API’s to work correctly and to know when functionality had changed. With proper acceptance/validation testing on foreign API’s, you can sleep…

Saving Your Progress: DataFlow Resume and Pinned Results

Liam Fratturo

This post will cover two recent additions to Composable DataFlows that have yet to receive a comprehensive write-up: DataFlow Resume and Pinned Results. We’ll be discussing them together due to…